Subsetting and Aggregating GDELT Using dplyr and SQLite

Edit 17 Sept to reflect┬áchanges in dplyr's syntax GDELT is an incredible resource for researchers and political scientists and has been getting increasing attention in popular publications. But weighing in at more than 60 GB, it's too hefty for any kind of quick analysis in R, and is even cumbersome to subset in Python. The … Continue reading Subsetting and Aggregating GDELT Using dplyr and SQLite


Subsetting GDELT for Domestic Events

Update: This post is only useful if you're using the reduced dataset. The complete dataset includes an ActionGeo_CountryCode field that you can easily use to pull only events occurring in a country of interest. I recommend using the full dataset. As part of a project examining the effects of U.S. democracy and governance assistance on … Continue reading Subsetting GDELT for Domestic Events